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As Good As It Gets For Trump

Trump is apparently celebrating the letter published by Attorney General William Barr on the Mueller Report like an election win . Almost certainly this will prove to be the high water moment for him . Things will only get worse from now on. So far headline commentary has not really examined the contents of Barr’s […]


The Odd Couple

It’s a curious piece of symmetry .The least politically agile Prime Minister in living memory is confronted by a Leader of the Opposition who rivals her for sheer woodenness. Which is of course a slur on mahogany . Never can a floundering Prime Minister have owed a greater debt of gratitude to a Leader of […]


Mrs May Runs Out Of Road

Mrs May’s favourite tactic of kicking the can down the road has caught up with her . She has run out of road . She now has to face the consequences of ploughing on regardless with a strategy that was flawed from the outset . She sought by delaying the so called meaningful vote , […]