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You Don’t Trade Peace

Peace isn’t a commodity to be traded , subject to customs duties , time limits or a unilateral exit . This is a fundamental truth about the Belfast Agreement with which Brexiteers choose not to engage . The result is our current logjam and the accompanying question of how do we break out of the […]


Day 4 : Negotiation Sham

Day 4 of the Negotiation Sham . The face to face meetings were always going to be a problem for Dom  Cummings’s  Blame the Intransigent EU – while remaining entirely intransigent -Strategy . It’s much easier to maintain it’s all the intransigent EU’s  fault from the distance of No 10. However it’s less easy to argue […]


Day 3 : Negotiation Sham

Day 3 of Sham Negotiations and the Johnson/Cummings game plan is evident. Pile the pressure on to Ireland , and pick it off with a common rule book for U.K./Ireland for as long as needed – with derogation for Ireland from EU for it to remain in Single Market .The message to Leo Varadker is […]


Day 1 : Negotiation Sham

Any notion that Johnson had a serious plan for negotiation with the EU went out of window with the publication of his letter to Donald Tusk , President of the EU Council. It turns out his trips to see Merkel and Macron this week are no more than a European Mini Break : simply a […]