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Staying Alert?

Yesterday PM finally took what turned out to be faltering steps to sketching the way out of Lock Down . Disappointingly rather than building consensus on way forward his speech and the build up to it confused and left us with more more questions than answers At the centre of the speech – and ultimately […]


Our Pandemic World

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic events have moved quickly, strategies been switched, and new directions taken with only sketchy details behind the headline messages. The messages themselves seem muddled and are delivered with equivocation. Huge concepts have been introduced into our discourse ā€“ herd immunity ā€“ first apparently as the objective of strategy, […]


Johnson and the Judges

Yesterday was an illuminating day in terms of the regard displayed by the Johnson Government for the law and the judiciary . No 10 was ‘disappointed’ at the decision of the Court of Session that the advice the Prime Minister had given HM the Queen to prorogue Parliament was unlawful No 10 displayed its disappointment […]